Monday, January 10, 2011

Honor God. Make Disciples.

The very reason for the existence of Victory Christian Fellowship (VCF) – that is, to Honor God and Make Disciples.

It started when a team of 65 American university students, led by Rice Broocks, Al Manamtam and Steve & Deborah Murell, went on a one-month summer mission trip on Manila’s University Belt in June 1984. After a couple of weeks of evangelistic meetings, the congregation consisted of about 150 high school and university students, moved to its first official venue at the basement of the Tandem Theater on Recto Avenue.

By 1986, the U-Belt congregation spread to Makati, then to Tuguegarao, Dagupan, Baguio, Los Baños, and other Philippine cities and abroad. That original group of 150 students in Manila's U-Belt has grown to 42,736 students, professionals, and families, who now worship in fourteen different venues around Metro Manila. Victory has also equipped and empowered over 3,500 small group discipleship leaders who meet weekly in coffee shops, homes, and offices all over the city for bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

October 2005, 7PM. St. Francis Square, Morayta. It was Friday night and I was waiting for my jeepney ride going home when my curiosity stirred. I noticed a group of students and teenagers of my age entering the St. Francis Square building for some reason; being an inquisitive person as I am, I went upstairs to this strange place with no expectations whatsoever. As I’m getting nearer to the place, I heard some familiar music playing in the air – it was Hillsongs. I saw some flickering lights with different colors, the band that plays the music, large projector’s screens with the lyrics of the songs being played, and hundreds of teenagers and students dancing, clapping and singing the music of Hillsongs.

I felt some strange ‘energy’ as I entered the Auditorium and looking for some vacant seat in the crowd. Like a family, I felt the belongingness; this is the group where I wanted to be identified with, where I wanted to enrich my spiritual life, where I wanted to have an encounter with God. True enough, I started attending services of VCF Ubelt every Sundays and Fridays. I became part of a small group, finished my One2One sessions, attended the Victory Weekend and had my water baptism. Much of the VCF as my spiritual family, this is about MY CREATOR AND MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

My journey is continuing up to present, there are challenges and breakthroughs. I am not perfect; I have flaws, but I am DRIVEN TO HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES.



  1. yun oh.. go VCF..... start the day with a good and positive vibes :D

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